our_vision_2We believe that God has given us a vision for where we need to go as God’s people in this place. By God’s grace, guidance and blessing we will see this vision become a reality. 

Good Shepherd by the Lake Lutheran Church remains committed to the core values of preaching and teaching the Bible as the true Word of God and Jesus Christ as God’s answer to sin and evil and our only hope of forgiveness and eternal life. Flowing out of this commitment to our Savior and the Word, Good Shepherd places a strong emphasis on genuine Christian discipleship as evidenced in several key themes:

  • The home has been re-established as the primary place where faith is nurtured. The congregation through its programs and events supplements the teaching and nurturing going on in the home and provides training for parents and extended family members to enable them to fulfill their God-given responsibility to pass on the faith. Ministries have been established that help men and women of all ages understand what it means to live out their faith in their various callings and vocations. These men and women not only learn and grow together, but serve the community together.
  • Good Shepherd  is now a missional church with intentional efforts to engage the community in word and in deed with the love of Jesus. Good Shepherd is known as a congregation that gives help and support, financially and in hands-on Christian service, to those in need both in the community and in other parts of the world. Programs, seminars and events are offered regularly to address community needs. Ministry leaders and groups consistently ask how their activities and programs might effectively reach the lost. Sermons, Bible studies and special training seminars have helped to equip the membership to share and defend their Christian faith.
  • The worship life of the congregation reflects its commitment to Jesus as the one true Savior of all. Receiving and celebrating God’s grace and mercy members grow in their Christian faith and learn to live that faith in love for God and others. Steps have been taken to deepen the children’s involvement in the worship life of the congregation. The music ministries of the congregation continue to grow and expand.

The Lord’s guidance and blessing has resulted in renewal and vitality within the congregation. More of our families remain active in the life of the congregation. Adult men and women are coming to faith in Jesus and being baptized and discipled in the faith. Good Shepherd by the Lake is a growing congregation of people who are committed to celebrating and sharing the life-changing love of Jesus in our homes, church, communities and world.