Midweek Lenten Series

Events of the Passion

This Lenten Season Series will take us through the events of the Passion of Jesus.

Ash Wednesday, February 22, The Betrayal

We begin by looking at Judas and his betrayal of Jesus. What is it that motivated Judas to do this? And why was he so fill with remorse after he saw that Jesus was condemned to death? While we may never know for certain, we will explore the various answers given. We will then look at the ways we too betray our Lord and what we should do when we realize it and feel remorse for having done so.

Lent 2, March 1, Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

We continue our Lenten journey through the events of the passion with Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. We note His request that the disciples pray, His surrender to the Father’s will, the fact that He was attended by angels, and the depth of His agony as His sweat became as drops of blood. Jesus humble acceptance of the Father’s will, even in the face of great sorrow and pain, sets an example before us to follow.

Lent 3, March 8, Jesus is Arrested

As the Gospel writer tells us of Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, we learn that Jesus could have easily over-powered the soldiers and avoided arrest. But He did not do so. He willingly stepped forward fully knowing all that was ahead for Him. The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransm for many. When Jesus submitted to the authorities, the disciples fled. The lesson here for us is simply seen in the willingness of our Savior to die for us even though we so often flee from Him.

Lent 4, March 15, Peter’s Denials 

Just hours before Jesus was arrested, Peter proclaimed his willingness to die for Jesus if necessary. Even if all the others failed Jesus, Peter confidently promised he would not. But Jesus told him that on that very night Peter would deny Him three times. And indeed he did. Weakness and fear contributed to Peter’s denial. Yet after the Resurrection we see a very differnt Peter. As with all our failures, God used Peter’s many failures, including his three denials of Christ, to turn him from Simon, a common man with a common name, into Peter, the Rock.

Lent 5, March 22, Jesus on Trial

After His arrest, Jesus faced two/three trials (two official, one unofficial). The Jewish leaders condemned Jesus for blasphemy, for claiming to be the Messiah, the Son of God, though in stating so He told the truth. But they could not put Him to death. For that they neede the help of Pilate, the Roman Governor. So, Jesus stood trial again the next day. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent, but condemned Him anyway out of convenience and to save his own political skin. Pilate could not wash his hands of his guilt, and neither an we.

Lent 6, March 29, Darkness, Earthquake, Curtain, Graves

We complete our journey through the events of the passion with the things that happened as Jesus died. Darkness fell across the whole land from noon to three. Then when Jesus relased His spirit, there was an earthquake, the curtain in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and the graves of “many” godly men and women were opened and they rose from the dead. There are wonderful messages in all of this for you and me.

Lenten services are at 6:30 pm each Wednesday but will also be streamed live and posted on our Face Book page (Good Shepherd by the Lake). Blessings on your Lenten journey.