Current Sermon Series


September 5 – Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Family Worship –  Lessons: Genesis 28:10-19, Galatians 5:16-24, Luke 17:11-19 – There will be no in-person worship or video recording for Sunday, September 5. Materials will be provided for families to conduct their own worship services in their homes. if you are not a member of Good Shepherd by the Lake but would like these materials, you can request a copy by calling the church office: (608) 873-5924.




September 12 – Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost – You Can Only Have One Master –  Matthew 6:24-34 –Jesus says we can have only one master. We live in a materialistic society where many people serve money and possessions. They spend all their time collecting it and storing it. Their desire for money and what it can buy far outweighs their commitment to God. This is true of many who call themselves Christian. Can you honestly say that God, and not money, is your master? One test is to ask yourself which one occupies more of your thoughts, time and efforts.




September 19 – Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost – Pressing on in Grace – Philippians 3:2-16 (17-21) – This sermon series is based on Paul’s words in Philippians 3 wherein he speaks of pressing on “toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” In chapter 3, Paul establishes the fact that all of this is centered in God’s grace. It is not a matter of anything we have done, but it is all about what God has done for us in Jesus.






September 26 – Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Pressing on in Joy – Philippians 1:3-6, 12-26; 2:1-4, 17-18; 3:1; 4:4-13  – True lasting joy and contentment comes only through knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior. With sins forgiven, our future secure, and our lives in God’s control, we can be content . . . and have joy. We can have joy even in hardship. Joy comes not from outward circumstances but from inward strength by the working of God’s Holy Spirit.






October 3 – Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Pressing on in Humility – Philippians 1:3-6, 12-26; 2:1-4, 17-18; 3:1; 4:4-13 –We naturally worry about ourselves first, making sure that we are comfortable and that we get the credit and glory that we deserve. But as Christ’s representatives, we should live as He did. This means putting others first and renouncing personal recognition. It also means serving others and looking out for their best interests. When we give up our self-interest, we can serve the Lord with joy, love and kindness. True humility is a by-product of seeing ourselves from Christ’s perspective and recognizing that we are nothing without Him.






October 10 – Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost – Pressing on in Self-Sacrifice – Philippians 1:15-26; 2:4, 17, 25-30; 3:7-14; 4:14-19  – “Sacrifice” seems like a dirty word these days. Instead, people want to indulge themselves and do everything they can to have a comfortable and easy life. Unfortunately, this cultural attitude shows up in the church. But reaching people for Christ, helping those in need, and changing our world will involve personal sacrifice. Christ give us the power to do that. We must follow the example of Jesus and of godly leaders like Paul who demonstrate self-denying concern for others.






October 17 – Twenty-first Sunday After Pentecost – Pressing on in Unity – Philippians 1:15-18, 27-30; 2:1-4, 14-16; 4:2-3 –Christians should contend against their common enemy–Satan and his work in the world–and not against each other. We need all our resources, focus and energy for the battle. When we are unified in love, Christ works through us, and we can make a difference for him. We need to keep before us the ideals of teamwork, consideration of others, and unselfishness. We should keep our focus on Christ and His mission and not become sidetracked by petty jealousies, competition, hurt feelings, or minor irritations.






October 24 – Twenty-second Sunday After Pentecost – Pressing on in Christian Living – Philippians 1:6, 9-11, 21-29; 2:12-13; 3:12-21; 4:4-13 – Being a follower of Jesus is not just a matter of believing in Him, but of living for Him day by day. James tells us faith without works is dead. Paul tells us that we are God’s workmanship created in Christ to do good works. Christian living depends on Christ living in you and you then living in obedience to Him. God, through the work of the Holy Spirit within us, is always at work changing us from the inside out. Paul provides some very practical instruction on how to live a Christian life.





October 31 – Reformation Sunday – God’s Solution for Sin – Romans 3:19-28 –We are all sinners who will stand before a holy and just God who says, “Be perfect, for I the Lord your God am perfect.” But we are not. We fall far short of the glory of God. So, what do we do? Is it a matter of trying to balance the scale with more good than bad? How can we ever meet God’s standard? The answer is found in Jesus Christ. He is God’s solution for sin.