Current Sermon Series

September 1 – The Necessity of Humility – Luke 14:1-14 – The necessity of humility seems to be central in this passage. It was the “puffed up” experts in religious law that opposed Jesus healing on the Sabbath. Jesus then went on to teach aobut seeking status and prestige and said instead to look for a place where you can serve. That’s humility. We will dig into what the Bible has to say about humility, what it is and what it is not and at how Jesus not only told us but showed us how to live in humility.




September 8 – What Has it Cost You to Follow Jesus? – Luke 14:25-35 – Jesus taught those who wished to follow Him to first consider the cost. What is the cost of commitment to Jesus? We must carefully count the cost of becoming Christ’s disciples so that we will firmly hold to our faith and won’t be tempted later to turn back.




September 15 – October 20 – Walking in His Dust – This will be a six week series in which we will examine what it really means to follow Jesus as a disciples. Each week we will look at an aspect of discipleship and how that can be lived out in our lives as individuals and in Christian community.

September 15 – The Call to Discipleship – In this message we will look at the definition of a disciple and what discipleship is. We will look at what it meant for the Jesus’ disciples and see how Elijah and Paul discipled others.

September 22 – The Goal of Discipleship – In this message we will look at the goal of discipleship–maturity in Christ. We will look at what the Bible says about growing and maturing in our faith. We will also review the levels of discipleship used in the Reveal Survey to help us understand the beliefts, habtis and attitudes that change with greater maturity in Christ.

September 29 – As Individuals – With this third message in the series on discipleship we will begin to break down what it means to commit ourselves to grow in discipleship as individuals, in our families and as a church/congregation. This week’s focus will be on our individual response to Jesus call: Come, take His yoke upon us, and learn from Him.

October 6 – As Families – This, the fourth message in our series, will turn to the commitment discipleship within the home and what that means regarding the roles of parents and children.

October 13 – As a Church – This fifth message in our series will look at our commitment as a church/congregation to grow in discipleship. We will consider why that is so important and what it means for us as a congregation. We are to be a university of discipleship. What does that mean?

October 20 – In Our Communities – This final message will be a bit different from the others. Building on our mission statement that speaks of bringing the life-changing love of Jesus to our homes (week 4), church (week 5) we will ask what it means to make an impact on our community and how that fits in with growing as disciples of Jesus.