Current Sermon Series

Midweek Lenten Worship: Prophecies of the Passion

There are many prophecies surrounding the suffering and death of Jesus in the Old Testament. During our midweek services during the Lenten Season, we will look at some of these prophecies and their fulfillment in the life of our Lord, and what this means for us today. Join us beginning Ash Wednesday, February 14. There will be a supper served at 5:45, and the service will begin at 6:45.


Sunday, February 18 – Mark 9:1-15 – A Touchable God

Jesus message was this: The time promised by God has come at last!” The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News.” To say that the kingodm of God has come near is to say that is “touchable by your outstretched arm.” In this message we will explore what it means for us that our God took on human flesh and came so near that He was touchable with an outstretched arm.


Sunday, February 25 – Romans 5:1-11 – Standing Tall and Rejoicing

Paul writes here about fact that our faith brings joy and confidence as we stand in God’s amazing grace. This message will focus on the confidence and joy that is ours in Christ and how we can stand all and live in that joy and confidence, even amidst the problems and trials of life.



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