Current Sermon Series

November 4, 11, 18 – Embracing Great Commission Stewardship

The Great Commission is the command of the resurrected Jesus to His disciples to spread His teachings to all the nations of the world.  Through His Word and the working of the Holy Spirit, God makes us His disciples, and He honors us with the privilege to be His instruments through which He works.  We are to be Jesus’ hands, feet, and mouth to encourage the faithful as well give witness to people who do not know Him as their Lord and Savior.

November 4 – This week we will be looking at our call to be disciples. We will consider what a disciples is and what a disciple does what it means for us to be Great Commission Disciples.

November 11 – This is the second week of our stewardship emphasis. This week we will consider the great treasure we have in God’s Word and how the Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to help us grow and mature in the faith. That means we need to mange our time well so that we have time to spend reading and studying the Word.

November 18 – One of the ways that we are obedient to the Great Commission is to financially support the spreading of the Gospel. This means supporting our church on a weekly basis through our offerings and contributing to other Christain organizations that reach out to those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. As followers of Jesus, we are called to follow the example He set by being generous.


November 25 – The Gospel lesson is John 18:33-37. This is John’s account of Jesus before Pilate. Jesus admits to being a king, but He also states that His kingdom is not of this world. What kind of King is Jesus, and How is His kingdom different from all other kingdoms? We will explore the answers to these questions on this last Sunday of the church year – Christ the King Sunday.


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