Current Sermon Series


Sunday, September 9

We don’t want to simply go through the motions of worship; we want to understand what we are doing. Since we are a liturgical church, it is important that we understand the various parts of our service and what is happening. This service will walk through the parts of the liturgy. After explaining the meaning of a part of the liturgy, we will then do that part.




A Great Cloud of Witnesses

This sermon series will focus on just some of those who form the “great cloud of witnesses” spoken of in Hebrews 12:1. From these witnesses we learn a lot about discipleship. We learn from both their positive examples and from their fears and failures what it means to walk in faith.


September 16 – Noah

September 23 – Abraham

September 30 – David

October 7 – Deborah

October 14 – Esther

October 21 – Theme sermon: “We Are Not Alone.” We are not alone in our struggle to confess Christ. Though we cannot touch those who went before us, their lives serve as examples of what it means to have faith and to live that faith in all times and in all circumstances. Who are the “witnesses” in your life?




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