Current Sermon Series

As we near election day, we will take time to consider God’s rule in the affairs of the world and government’s God-given role. We will dig into Scripture tells about the role and place of government in our lives, and what we owe those in authority over us. We will also look at the relationship between God and the rulers of the earth, what we owe God as supreme authority, and the hope we place in God v. the hope we place in earthly leaders.

October 11 – Government; October 18 – God 



This five-week sermon series will take a deep dive into the true nature of discipleship. What does it really mean to live as a disciple of Jesus? This series will challenge us as we look the call to truly follow Jesus.




October 25 – Stop – To begin, we will consider the fact that the Church in the US tends to blame the surrounding culture for our demise. “It’s the culture’s fault.” But is it? Or have we failed to live as faithful disciples? What is there about us that should be attractive to the culture around us? Or have we so adapted to the culture that we don’t stand out as different? These are questions we need to ask and answer.

November 1 – Surrender – We have, in many ways, watered down what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It means nothing less that total commitment, all out living for Jesus, total surrender. Unfortunately, what many outside the church see are lives that are really no different from their own. This should not be. We will take a look at different levels of maturity in the faith and look at the characteristics of those at each level and how they live out that life of discipleship.

November 8 – Serve – One of the marks of a disciples is a life lived in loving service to others. Others’ needs are just as important to us as our own. Yet, when we look at how we spend our time, we give many more hours to TV and our hobbies than we do to serving those in need in our communities. We will take an honest look at this and ask if our level of service truly reflects the life of the one who left heaven and took on the role of a servant to save us from our sins.

November 15 – Sacrifice – Another mark of discipleship is sacrifice, giving generously to meet the needs of others. Pastor and author Cal Seban suggests that we are so wrapped up in seeking to address not only our needs but also our wants that we do so at the expense of the needs of others. Wow! That’s quite a statement. This message will explore our level of generosity and whether we could be doing much more when it comes to alleviating the suffering and pain in our world.

November 22 – Share -The last mark of a disciple to be addressed in this series is a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with others. Unfortunately, we give lip service to this, but our lives rarely reflect this passion. We are comfortable with the fact that we are saved and going to heaven and are not really that upset at the thought that others are dying and going to hell. True disciples of Jesus will want to be the puff balls on the dandelion, spreading the seeds of the Gospel everywhere.